Saturday, February 9, 2008

Add N*E*R*D on myspace


Sarah said...

Awesome...glad you are hitting milwaukee...we ought to get you into the 88.9Fm Radio Milwaukee studio...I will be in touch or email me at

Anonymous said...

N.E.R.D I'm so exicited yall are coming back to the ATx. I love yall. Yall are my favorite group in the whole wide world. Sounds cheesey right for 32 year old woman. I seen you pharell at the after hours party for stubbs when sugar hill gang did that party. I'm your number one fan. Yo Te Quero Mucho Mi Amor! Seen yall at Austin Music Hall. I'm a big supporter read my profile. If you and your boys want an after party here is where you'll find it. We party 24/7 homie.