Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awesome Furniture

"Why is transforming furniture so alluring? Does it appeal to our sense that innovation is progress, the fact that fewer materials for more uses is sustainable or simply a return to the childhood love of things that we can actively change and shape as we wish? Whatever the reason, these designs range from humorous and impractical to jaw-droppingly cool."

Click here to check out some dope, transforming furniture from beds to chairs to shelves to kitchen stoves.


Ciera said...

Ooohhh...futuristic furniture is such a weakness for me.

My Child Rebel Soldier Blog:

K. Denise said...

Oh, I need that in my life.

Anonymous said...

one word. ultra

*sade said...

this sofa looks like it could possibly get up and walk if it wanted to.

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Anonymous said...