Friday, March 21, 2008

Been to one of our recent shows?

Post up your photos/videos/stories in the comments-- we'll post them on the MySpace and our blog! leave a link to your MySpace and you might get a comment or something from us.



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Allison said...

Ps. Incredible Show. Audio Orgasm.
I threw my bra on stage in Pittsburgh. It was awesome and I'm going to do it again in Richmond on Friday. What the hell do I have to lose?

Jacob said...

opening for N.E.R.D in Northampton, MA



-DJ Theory

Adam said...

your show in omaha, ne. was fuckin amazing.




Sean Beauford said...

Yo I saw yall in Cleveland, OH 3/5. Show was a CRAZY! I was front & center... lol I asked P to do Bobby James, and he did a lil bit of it acapella. good lookin! I'd go see yall again just to hear the music. The whole experience was dope. I'll never forget the way everything sounded live. I'm still stuck on the "Run To The Sun" performance.

I got pics n vids, but not on me. I posted some on the bbcicream blog tho.

I really hope yall put out a DVD.

gdizzle said...

Proud to say that my first N*E*R*D concert and first concert ever was the best concert EVER!

Orlando, Florida

I remember it all like it was yesterday...

I got my g/f (at the time) interested in N*E*R*D so I bought myself tickets to their House of Blues show and invited her along. She did like the tracks, but she wasn't particularly interested in sitting through a whole show.

So we sit through The High Speed Scene and Spymob who were both great, but we came for N*E*R*D. So after Spymob finished, it took them about 30-40 minutes before they came out. It's hot and crowded. People are sweaty and standing shoulder to shoulder. The couple next to us missed the first group and missed most of N*E*R*D. We watched as their eyes kept rolling in the back of their heads. Don't know what they were on...My girl, at this point, was ready to leave. I couldn't blame her, but I didn't want to leave, and somehow I convinced her to stay.

Finally, Pharrell & crew take the stage and play. Complete nirvana for me, even though Chad isn't there. But none of this is enough for her and she starts to make a dash for the door, opting to sit in the car. Before she turns around completely, I grab her arm and ask her who is that familiar looking couple to the right of the stage...

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. I believe a tear was even shed as Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz were dancing along with everyone. That alone convinced my girl to stay, but what put it over the top was when Justin grabbed a mic and flawlessly performed his whole first album and changing his lyrics to take shots at Britney. All while looking like he'd just woken up, or high. Probably both.

Needless to say, the night was historic for both of us. Exhausted, sweaty, and hoarse from screaming, we called everyone we knew and told them about what we'd just witnessed. They probably would've shared our excitement had it not been 1 o'clock in the morning.

I've already have my tix for the promo show in Jacksonville, FL, as well as the Glow in the Dark tour at the Ford Ampitheatre in Tampa, FL.

Thanks for a great time! If these shows are anything like what I've seen already, I might lose it. When you see the 6'2" brother running for the front, you know what it is!

- garrett

Que Rico said...

i went to the Nashville, TN show on March 18th. it was a great show. Pharrell said he was sick but he was giving it his all. they did another incredible show. i had such a good time at the concert. also, i got to meet Pharrell & Chad afterwards. they were mad cool.

HOWEVER, the day after the show my calves were hurting & swollen so much from jumping during the show. but you know what ?! IT WAS WORTH IT !!

i can't wait to jump around again in Knoxville, TN this wednesday ! N*E*R*D ROCKS ! BEST BAND EVER !

thanks yall !
-Que Rico

sarah said...

i dont have a story, because you havent played in new zealand

Anonymous said...

Blaze of Glory said...

Cleveland HOB 3/5

If there ever was such a decision. A decision so epic. Sorta like on the grounds of your last meal type of a choice. Anyways, if I had to decide the last thing I had to do before I die...Fuck Disney world, Fuck going to the moon, Fuck traveling around the world...It would be to see these fuckin' dudes in concert one more time. My voice was gone, my mind was LITERALLY on Cloud 9. I did so much networking after the show it ain't even funny. To sum it all up, as predicted, the greatest single day of my damn life.

Here are some shots I took with my phone...I was front row, dapped up P and Shae a few times, dude even put the mic in my face on 'Rock Star' when they performed it...I barely had a voice, but shiiit, I handled my business. the pics..

Most important reason I took this pic...look at this mans waist, he keeps his Enzo keys on him at ALL times.

Chad Tapin' us during 'Tape You'

Some vids I took:

Anyways, greatest night of my life like I said above. I handed out some demo CDs after the show, I even gave one to the Bass player that was touring with you guys. I dunno if you got that or not lol. Anyways, hit me up on my music myspace, and peep the tracks!!! I'd be greatly appreciated!!

-m touch

camillia said...

the best show i have ever seen. stl and omaha the girl with fro. i love u guys. i wil b at the glow in the dark tour just for u!!

London said...

I was at the Cleveland show March 5th! Best concert I've ever been to.

Here's my video. I was in the front row.

Run to the Sun was so dope!

Anonymous said...

allison your myspace is set to private so no1 can see that unless they your friend. and sarah... i feel your pain.. they havent come to australia either.. well to my state anyway

Reggie said...

Yo was at the Nashville show!! The experience was surreal, N.E.R.D is a must see show!! Pharrell even though he was sick just didn't even look like. Anybody who goes to their show should realize how lucky they are.

Misbah said...

I went to Pharrell's show in December 2006 in Birmingham, UK
You haven't been back yet but that show was amazing and I am so lucky to have gone to it
Here's some of the photos, that I took and I put together from your show:
And here is my myspace url:

Such talent and I'm loving Everyone Nose, is a tune !

*--Tinkerbell said...

I went to the concert in St. Louis. It was the first time you all ever been there, so I had to show love. Great performance and you all did my favorite song "Everybody Nose"! I have more pics and videos.

Dustin said...

from the show in Tulsa, you guys need to come back more often.

Dustin said...

sorry go to page 3^^^^

MadisonErin said...

Here is an album from the concert in Kansas....the pictures explain the story (got to meet the band!)...IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!! amazing.

videos to come.



MadisonErin said...

I never thought I would see N.E.R.D live...Here is an album from the concert in Kansas....the pictures explain the story (got to meet the band!)
IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!! amazing.


videos to come.


Terrill said...

nashville show was bangin' come back soon, and bring some merch!



Terrill said...

Great show in Nashville!
Come back and bring some merch!



YellaNerd said...

N.E.R.D. is the bomb-diggity...They have energy, funk, excitement and craziness that you can't help but groove to...We had the opportunity to rock out with them in Austin @ the SXSW Festival...We got to meet Hugo-Mind-Boss and Shay!...Freakin' awesome...Good times man, good times...

Check out the pics...(N.E.R.D. starts on the second page, but you gotta get the whole experience, right?)

YellaNerd said...

Sorry...wrong Facebook link...this one should work...enjoy peeps.

Brittany said...

Saw you guys at the Northampton, MA show. :) Fuckin amazing!!




Allison said...

oh ok..Check it out. They're terrible I did more dancing than concentrating on picture taking.

Michael Miller said...

My name is Michael Miller. I hung out with Pharrell and the crew at the Indianapolis show. Here are some pics from the night.

Michael Miller said...

THIS IS MICHAEL MILLER AGAIN. THE PICS ON THE LAST POST DIDN'T WORK SO HERE THEY ARE!¤t=100_1411.jpg¤t=100_1412.jpg¤t=100_1415.jpg¤t=100_1417.jpg¤t=100_1421.jpg¤t=100_1429.jpg¤t=100_1430.jpg¤t=100_1431.jpg¤t=100_1432.jpg¤t=100_1433.jpg¤t=100_1442.jpg¤t=100_1455.jpg¤t=100_1458.jpg

Melody.Darlene said...

goodness... listening to u guys is like an oragasm to my ears!!

Michael Miller said...


atrevino03 said...

Here some pics from the SXSW show in Austin. This was the second time I seen you guys at SXSW.Hope you guys will be back next year. Lookin forward to glow in the dark.Check the myspace out. would love a coment from you guys.Peace

Tracie said...

I've been to one N.E.R.D concert On April 4, 2004 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. I know that isn't recent but it was my 20th birthday and it was the best birthday I'd ever had. It was the best concert that I've ever been to. On April 27 I'm going to Denver for the Glow in the Dark Tour. Hopefully I'll get some pictures this time around.
I don't mind driving to see you guys perform but you should think about coming to Rapid City South Dakota. PLEASE!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

N.E.R.D put on such a high energy, friggin' fantastic show in Omaha 3-10-08 @ Sokol. It was my first N.E.R.D show, and I was impressed by how much they include and love their fans. I can't wait to see them again! I loved hearing some of the new songs on the upcoming album and await it's release. Just. Awesome.

I got some cool up close shots, and a couple videos. I was right up front, and the energy from the crowd was phenomenal.

Love you guys!

nelleyfabulous said...

Getting to step up for the women who like to get rowdy onstage in Rhode Island was amazing. I can't believe Pharrell remembered my face from the Northampton show.

Both nights were crazy. I'd never had the privilege of enjoying N*E*R*D live before that weekend. Thanks for making the first experience a hard one to beat!

I wrote a bit about the night here:

with a link to a short write up about the Northampton date here:

It includes pictures!

Much love,
C. Berlin

Rinaldy "sauce" A. said...

ha ha I have a bunch of videos on my youtube account and did a post on my blog First Place Losers post on NERD concert

my myspace is

dtrain said...

yo i went 2 ur show at northampton ma is was so crazy u guys no how 2 pump up the crowd with all that jump jump but ya u guys were so nasty i hop u guys will come back near western ma sometime

K. Denise said...

damnit i wanna go to one but im dealin wit the whole new job thing. I would surely take that trip to VA just like I took that 3 1/2 hr drive to Norfolk for Lupes show. I skipped work for that 1

Tracie said...

I posted a comment already but I was just wondering how does one go about meeting you guys? I've written letters, emails and every thing else I could think of. So I just thought I'd ask.


I can't wait to see the show!!!

ryan jones said...

i have seen nerd six times now total. most recently in pittsburgh and cleveland. i am enjoying both high energy shows with the new songs and glad to see chad joined the tour this time the new band sounds fantastic. i love going to nerd shows because they have the best crowds full of cool laid back folks.
my favorite nerd show was in june 2002 in cleveland at the rock hall of fame. i had the opportunity to meet kelis and pharrell and take pix with them. they were supercool and it was an unforgettable experience. this show was televised on mtv too.

Aungi said...

The concert in Columbus Ohio at the Newport...I didn't get to go because I'm poor and I couldn't sell back my school books however my bff Kisha went in and I waited outside in the back...and We got to meet Pharrell and Chad. They are super cool and nice. Pharrell saw my bff Kisha dancing during the show and pointed her out when we met him outside in the back! Pharrell Do you remember us? Well here you people go a great picture of me and Pharrell! HAHA HAHA I GOT TO MEET HIM!!!! Finally! The pictures are on myspace!!! WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PRINCESSAUNGI

MRD said...

missed a flight for Myrtle huh?
can't even try to catch another flight?
just gonna bitch out and cancel?
until I hear a good reason not showing up i'm going to boycott everything you're associated with,
i'm upset cuz i'm a real fan, and if you cared for your fans you'd at least try to get there, better late than never right?

So4RealChic said...
Video on profile page

My girl called me on Thursday Feb 28th to tell me N*E*R*D was performing in Providence, RI on March 2. Got right on the computer to get my tickets and drove up from NJ that Sunday to see ya'll! I thought my only shot would be the Glow in the Dark tour, but I'm glad that I got to see you in a smaller venue. Performance was SIC! Totally felt like there was a connection with the band and the audience.

So4RealChic said...
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Gyasi Omari (pronounced J.C. Omari) said...

yall played at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo on March 4th... me and 2 friends drove from Toronto,Canada in a blizzard that night to watch the show(great show btw)..

but check this out, 3 weeks before the show? we said "We can do ANYthing we put our minds to.. so let's meet Pharrell"

..and we did! :o

he was about to hop on his tourbus after the show, but i shook his hand and told him "I can do it too."
then he gave me this weird look..

to this day i wonder what he was thinkin

my music and the full story at,

Anonymous said...

Show sucked
you canceled it
what type of man

terry~go said...

i caught my very first show in providence and it ROCKED!! u guys killed it!!

some shots from lupo's. wish i had been up close and personal but there's always next time.

i'll see u guys in camden ~ glow in the dark baby

Jordan said...

The show in Pittsburgh was crazy! I cant wait for the next album!!!

Jordan Beckham

Mizzay said...

Check out my N*E*R*D Site: !

Mizzay said...

Check out my N*E*R*D Site: !

Noah said...

What up guys, I got my pics from the Northampton show, which was so crazy. Check the link below and feel free to hit me up on myspace @ Thanks ya'll and keep up the freshness.


antoine said...

-Me and a couple friends drove down from Canada to catch the show in Buffalo, NY.
-The show was incredible.
-There was a blizzard in full effect, the driving conditions were horrible
-We crashed on the way back
-We were forced to find a hotel in the middle of nowhere for the night or... die
-We got it all on tape, and made it into a 14 minute documentary called "The Pharrell Phiasco"
-You can watch it here...

antoine said...

oh yeah!...

..and we met pharrell that nite!

*TAI* said...

* Wouldve Been A Pleasure to See You All Perform * ..If You Run Across A GLOW IN THE DARK Ticket* *NAME YOUR PRICE!! *Smiling*

Looking forward to the new Album.. & Hope to See You All When You Come Home **
(*Im Early*)
*& ThanX for Reminding me to Breathe ..Thats The Best Advice Ive Ever Been Given*
OneLove & Blessings..
* TAI *



traci y. said...

the show in richmond last night was amazing! it was my husband's first time seeing N*E*R*D and i'm sure it won't be his last! thanks for giving us great music!

ms_F said...

wow...i must leave a comment about my story after the show(4thApril live in HK),and i just wonder would i have a chance to take some pictures with you't wait to see the show!!!

Paul J said...

drove to the show in naptown..the whole show was ridic..good to see chester french too!

Chester French Video

N.E.R.D Video

micAh! said...

Dope show in Richmond, VA at The National! Ya'll showed VA some true VA love!!

Posted pics and a complete review of the show on my blog!



Hilary said...


Jenna said...

Hey Guys! I was at your show in Pittsburgh, you were amazing!! I got to dance on stage with you for She Wants to Move and it really made my night!! I loved your new music!! I definitely want to see you guys in concert again sometime soon, can't wait for the album to come out!

The morning after the concert my friend Hilary and I were at the airport flying back to school and we saw Chad! He was late for his flight and looked a little lost so we pointed him in the right direction :)

Here's a link to my myspace...I have some pictures from the concert on there too. Hope you check it out!
-Jenna :)

Kisha said...

Hi Guys! I was at the VA show on the 22nd. I absolutely loved it! It was my first N*E*R*D concert and I waited four years for it. Now I'm ready to see you guys in Va Baeach with Ye, Lupe and Rihanna. :)

There was a few things that sucked about my night! (You not being any of them of course). First, I was on my solo. I just moved to VA in 1/07. My two "girlfriends" (I use that term very loosely) were not down to come... Losers. Then, as a last ditch effort I asked a guy from my job if he wanted to go. He said sure... but I was solo,so there. I left late so I didn't get my front spot like I wanted, but I wiggled my way into the second row and held it down.

I loved the opening act but I was antsy. When you guys hit the stage I lost it! I loved the energy. It felt so good to see you guys back together again. I hadn't seen Shae in for-ever! I love the new track Spazz and can't wait to hear the studio version. By the way, when are you guys going to shoot a video hm?

Second sucky thing? I HAD NO CAMERA. It was my fault. I didn't stop for batteries before I hit the road. I got two good pics of Chad and Shae on my camera. As soon as Pharrell came to my side of the stage, my damn camera said "Battery Low"... AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! So, I changed them and it still said battery low! I was so pissed. I was stuck with my busted ass camera phone which doesn't take good pics at night or in the dark. So, never got a good pic of P, grrr.

BUT!!! For the finale. When you sang the song that got me hooked (I was hooked since Rockstar, I just didn't realize it yet). You needed bodies, female bodies on the stage... with you... and I was determined. Thank you Shae, for choosing me... not once... but twice. And thank you L, for not dropping because that would have added to the list of the things that sucked.

I danced harder than I had ever danced outside of my livingroom,lol, and I loved every moment of it. By the way, Shae are arms are really brick. Looking out on the crowd, Star Trak sign in the air, rocking my hips and shaking my hair I wished for the song to go on. But, looking to my right and seeing the hugs I was ready for it to end because I wanted my hug. Pharrell, you give good hugs and not those fake ones everyone is so generous with these days.

But then we got led off stage. All the way to the back and I was sad it was over but I knew it would be a long lasting memory. I stuck around for a possible meet and greet until staff told us (me and another girl who rolled solo) to move toward the exit. I had some time to kill. We walked and talked to the parking lot that I parked in just to both make the decision to hang out my the buses where I first met L.

Shae you diva... just kidding. Where were you rushing off to? I wanted to meet you. I'ma get you you one day... somehow, okay probably never but I'm gonna keep hope alive. Big Ben aka Grimace (Pharrell I can't believe you said you found him at McDonald's playing a guitar) strolled out. I couldn't help but say Hi. After I my body dropped to almost freezing, Pharrell came out, looking beat. Rightly so, he's a big ball of energy. He made his way to our side of the crowd. I clammed and I wish I didn't. I had some questions, grrr. But, I shook his hand and asked that he please (not like it's all him) not have us wait too long for the album. June 10th right? What I failed to do is thank YOU for a great, great, great, great show... that's another thing that sucked. I'm sorry. I almost always push pass my shyness to at least conversate... that night, I blanked :/

So... By that time I warmed up some ;) and I was on the look out for my other super- producer/musician/genius, Chad. Didn't see him so I asked Ben and Chad was on the run too! What was up with you two (Chad and Shae)? I got to shake Chad's hand and I must say YOU sir are very handsome in person. And I meant what I said about missing you... it's just not the same with you not around. You and Pharrell are like Yin And Yang.

I finally hit the road after dropping off my nerd companion at her vehicle (there was no way I was going to let her walk so far, at midnight, by herself to her car). It was about 12:30 am. I called my best friend, who would've been with me if she was in VA, to tell her of my adventure. Of course she was mad at me because I didn't call her when you guys did Everyone Nose (she loves it and that's the first she's heard). But, after hearing my tale she was cool. Finally got home a little after 2 am. Had to hit the sack because the last sucky thing sucked: I had to work at 7 am. Sucked! And I'm trying to figure why the hel am I still up now 8|

That's my story, I'm sticking to it and I'm sorry that this is so long. I hope you still read it...

Thanks for rocking my world, much love and plenty of xoxoxo.

RockerBarbie said...

YAY!!! I place where I can get this off my chest! Here goes!

RockerBarbie here and I along with my bestfriend Shan, were front row and center at the Indy show March 17th. It was my first N*E*R*D show, as my bestfriend saw NERD when they came to Verizon with Jay-Z and 311 (lucky *****), so I didnt know what to expect. But there was a lot riding on this night as our super awesome friend DJ Indiana Jones was set to play at the show as well as host the after set along with 2 other of our DJ friends (Limelight & Action Jackson). So not only were my BFF and I walking flyers, sporting custom made hoodies advertsing the party, it was to be my last night to paint the town red before I moved 3,000 miles away. Needless to say we knew we had to make this a night to remember.

We waited in line for a pretty long time as NERD had some transportation issues so they were running a bit behind. But none of that mattered as soon as we got in. It was like you could already feel the energy welling up. I was super pumped and ready to party.

Chester French came out first and they rocked out!Their music is infectious and super catchy. I started out not knowing any of the words to their songs, and now I know think I know em all. Max the guitar player was doing his thing!! I was diggin the performance vibe he was workin! Then I got CD inside a huge condom wrapper and whats better than that??!!

Finally it was time for the big show. The suspense was killing the crowd. We were so ready to get to jammin! The band set up and my heart was racing, I could just tell this was going to be the best night of my life!

The guys come out, Shae and Chad... Then, the red hat appeared. I will admit, I just about melted into the floor. Now, Im not one to crush or anything, but that man is something else. He came out, the music started, and the energy shot right through the roof!! I looked behind me and the whole club was packed and everyone had their hands up and looked to be having the time of thier lives.

Chad was getting jiggy behind the keyboards and Shae was rockin some killer shades! He made me wish I had mine on! lol Pharrell was def showing love to the ladies.Even me... I dont really even know how it happend, but one second I was singing with my hands in the air, the next thing I knew, my hand was inside of his! AHHH! And you know what, he didnt let go right away. Shocked, I gave his hand a lil squeeze to say "Thanks for the love", and he gave a lil squeeze back, finished his verse and we let go. I cant even begin to say how much even just that meant to me. I know, I know... I sound like a 12 year old girl with a crush on Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block... So back to the show...

They played a new song called "Teacup" or something along those lines. He had us doing this little dance he called the "wop" it was funny seeing everyone doin it along with him. He really knows how to command an audience.

What I liked most about the show was that the band had their own... how do you say...ummm.. Well hell, lets just say that there were times I was paying more attention to them than Mr. Red Hat himself! The guitar player kept making funny faces and me and my bff were crackin up! I can tell they are really enjoy each other and thats whats up!

We did end up meeting some super cool people shout out Mike, Max (CF), Day Day, Omar etc. And it was awesome to see Chad out at the afterparty.

I went out and bought "In Search of..." and I love bumpin it as loud as I can driving down Hollywood Blvd. It blares off the walls of the buildings, and sometimes I get people that will throw up the NERD fingers from across the street. And since I cant do it very well, I just throw up the "Fist of Rock" cause that is exactly what NERD does... ROCK!

Thanks again for a perfect send off guys!! Im trying to get tix to see yall for the GITD tour here in Cali.. but its not lookin good. I think its sold out. But none the less, I will always have the Indy show "IN MY MIND".

Peace, Love & Skateboards,

Ajisha (Asia) from Indy

Kate Bye said...

We saw N.E.R.D. at The National in Richmond, VA on March 22nd. Chester French opened – they had a unique, bold sound. I wanted to congratulate them on “Living the Dream” – a year ago, they were just college students. Now they are following their passion – too cool. I am sure there will be several of my students that will be envious that I got to go to this show (I am a psychology instructor at a couple of colleges in my area).

N.E.R.D. is one of the most amazing bands out there, and since adding them to my music collection, I have been hoping that I would have the chance to see them live. What a treat to see them at The National. It is a small, well managed venue. We waited in line for a very short time and then we were in long before the concert started. It is beautiful inside, a tribute to historic Richmond.

And then it was time for the concert. WOW!!! Truly a dream come true. Pharrell is such an amazing artist, and then you add in the talents of the Chad Hugo and Shae – it is almost TOO MUCH to stand. I am just so happy that I got to see you all in concert at such an awesome venue. I was not aggressive enough to get up to the stage, I am too old to have that much fight left to battle past the mass of young ladies that are vying for Pharrell’s affections. I’m only 36, but I am old enough to be realistic about the fantasy of celebrity-regular person romance stories. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, before the husband and the children, when I was still living my life for me - I would have held fast to the fantasy. For those who got to get up on stage and help Pharrell during “She Wants to Move” were so very lucky. I would have loved that, but I dance to N.E.R.D. all the time (at home ya’ll). We do not have adequate dance clubs where I live (AC/DC is not dance music in my book, neither is Alabama), but I have an awesome collection of music – the favorite of which is N.E.R.D.

The best part of the night happened after the show. We were walking back to our friend’s place, past the busses one more time parked around the corner. There was a small gathering waiting by the side doors of The National, so we stopped and waited with them. After waiting for about a half an hour, while several special people passed by (family members, Chester French, and the many lucky people who work for N.E.R.D.), Pharrell finally emerged. He stopped and talked to all of the fans, letting us take pictures with him. I can’t make the Vulcan hand-shape, the StarTrak hand symbol – but I still love N.E.R.D. Thank you Pharrell, thank you for sharing your talents with us - through N.E.R.D., The Neptunes, your own release, and everyone you have worked with over the years!!

Kate Bye

Bigtymerferris said...

I flew in to Indy from Seattle to go the St. Patrick's Day show with my college friend.

I had been going through a break up with my boyfreind at home, and my self esteem was pretty shot. To add to everything, my red-eye flight got delayed in Cleveland for 6 hours! Even with everything I was excited for the concert because N.E.R.D.'s music (and fine ass Pharrell) is what always brings me back to me.

Concert night, of course I was in the front row singin all the words, rockin out. During the concert Pharrell showed me much love with multiple hand holdings, putting my hand on his chest to let me feel him up (oh my god) and letting me sing in the mic.

But the best moment came when Pharrell pulled me on stage during Lapdance. There was 10-15 people up there, so since I was the first one pulled up, I jumped around in the back and sang to Chad and the band. They were trippin on me because I knew all the words, including the Harvey rap.

Then, towards the end of the song, P saw me jammin, grabbed my hand and brought to front of the stage to sing with him and see the whole crowd. It was amazing. After the song, everybody filed off and P gave hugs to the ladies. I was last to get my hug, and before my hug, P said, "Thank you for knowing all the words."

I said, "Of course, I love the music." P gave my sweaty ass a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, and I fought my way back to my front row spot.

I rocked out the rest of the concert on an unexplainable high!

After the show, we got some love from the Chester French boys (cuties) and got to go kick it on the bus with N.E.R.D.'s band.

They were very gentelmenly, fantastic hosts and made a true fan extremely happy. We could only stay for about an hour because the bus was leaving for Tennesee, but it was an amazing experience.

I could never fully explain how much it meant to me as a person for Pharrell, Chad and the band to show me so much love. I think they are amazing people and I adore the music. The night replenished my self-esteem and let me know no matter how hard times are, there is always going to be a bright spot.

I am going to the Glow in the Dark Tour in Seattle. I already got my VIP hopefully I'll get to meet P in more detail then.

Soooo....see you all in Sea-Town! Hit a sister up. You got the #! N.E.R.D. for life!

Bigtymerferris said...

oh yeah, my myspace is

holla at ya girl!

Nick Branch said...

We are seeing you on the 14th June when you hit the UK. The reason for the comment... When we last saw you play (22nd November 2005 Hammersmith Apollo, London, England) I met this girl and 3 years on we are now engaged and it was both fate, and N*E*R*D that brought us together. Its going to make seeing you guys again all the more special!

RockerBarbie said...

forgot to leave my myspace!

carey said...

I saw you guys in Omaha,NE the show was fuckn ill. I think the highlight , is when Pharrell invited me to freak out with the band on stage. I got to meet Shay and Chad. Definaltly one of the best shows i have ever seen, and i got pics. STARTRAK

FranchizeWuzHere said...

SO the videos are on facebook but see first you called me up on stage for lapdance... shay was like that dude right there with the N*E*R*D hat then pharrrell was like yeah he knows the words..... so then i was on stage it was crazy....right after that me n my homies went to the after party with Shay n Chad i got my hat signed but i couldn't find my marker when pharrell was there cuz he bounced quick but any way we had a break battle with Chad it was sick im pretty sure D.A. got video of some of it but more photos r on my myspace

but the one u should show some love is
thats my music group

videos will be up on utube

Brittany said...

I have been a NERD fan forever and I never would have imagined they would come to Tulsa, Oklahoma! Im stil shocked and so glad they showed up as a group and the band was ill. I felt like I took part in some sort of cosmic event. There was a beautifullly magnetic energy throughout the room and afterward I knew I had been part of a very special moment. I didn't take the opportunity to show Pharrell my tattoo because after seeing him in person I realized he's like so normal and I didn't want to freak him out.

<3 Brittany Williams

Allicia said...

The Richmond show was great! It's so nice to have wonderful artist represent the Commonwealth of VA!

Here are a few pictures from the show:

I even snagged a picture with Chad after the show. I'm looking forward to catching you guys at GITD this May! Two up, two down, VA!!


- Allicia

kayomc said...

I did "live from belgium" right before you guys went on in indianapolis! kind of threw it together last minute but it was still hot! shout to chad for supporting the after party....real dude! good luck on glow in the dark! catch up with ya'll later! 1

Anonymous said...

this you guys performing in STL, MO with Common hot ass shit.

Sean Smith [the future blogger] said...

Check out this CRS symbol I created.

Combining the Startrak V and the Dynasty sign.

If you turn it around it's FNF

alicia said...

Went to the Pharrell gig back in 06in London. Very memorable; missed the last train and was living in north London at the time …. If you know transport for london … you can understand the longness of the journey, especially when you’re broke and can’t afford a cab; plus had minus digits on my oyster (travel card). Not to mention it was the middle of bloody December; freeeeezing!

As the for the gig; was really decent!!!

Will be there for the N.E.R.D gig on the 14th June!

JaceInman said...

first in line, and I was on stage with you guys, nuff said.

greatest moment of my life? I think so.

Anonymous said...

Been to plenty of N.E.R.D. concerts in DC, MD, and VA.
The show at the 9:30 Club on Easter a couple years ago with Clipse and Black Eyed Peas for the opening acts was a-mazing. By far the best one i've been to though was the free concert in Baltimore at the Pier Six Pavilion. My friends and I were near the front, the only ones standing on the seats singing every word to every song and got a shout out from Pharrell.
Can't wait for the Miami G.I.T.D tour show. Gonna try to make an appearance at others though.

wah-wah said...


The Pittsburgh show was magnanimous.

So I get to Diesel,it is pourrrring outside, and the line was wrapped around the corner. That didn't stop the them from coming. There were people standing under awnings trying to stay dry and trying not to disturb the people inside their homes. Chester French gave a good opening act hyping the crowd and they had great stage presence too. Max even offered me a cd even though he was all out. That’s right promo promo promo. After their set they played a pretty cool dj jay faire cd. (the million dj march is coming ) Then there were random screams as they set the stage for the nerd set, which got everybody hype. The show was BELLISSIMO. I was in an audio paradise. The energy erupted like a volcano. The music making you high segment rose so emotionally. The band made it happen speaking to the crowd musically. Its something about that live sound. The lighting that was incorporated in to the songs made it even more electrifying with flashing lights to the beats and highlights in the songs. The intro on Everyone Nose is so funky live. When the cd drops the hook to EN should be "everybody standing in the line for the album"
Make sure to cop that thang!! June 10th yall.

I have a few shots
in the "in the beginning-there there was light" album

Short video

Thanks for adding another good one to the record books!

d_right25 said...

skateboard p
ima keep it short and was my 1st n.e.r.d brothers first concert ever..yal gave us one of the best times of our lives at the sokol in show so far...we are now one the verge to get tickets for the glow in the dark tour in denver.....i appreciate the off the chain music like no other

Anonymous said...

i wish sigh lol come to russia! wink

Anonymous said...

the show in Richmond was a life changing experience for me...N.E.R.D is more than's my lifestyle!!

Derek Simon said...

N.E.R.D is a way of life! i'm gonna be a startrak fan for life...I loved the show in Richmond and I hope to see N.E.R.D again. Pharrell got the crowd mad hyped!

Derek Simon said...

N.E.R.D is a lifestyle that I live and love livin...the music is meaningful and has so many messages...I saw them live in Richmond and enjoyed every second of the show. Pharrell is a true artist and puts art in his music as well as his clothes!...Startrak for life!!

gdizzle said...

The N*E*R*D show in Jax Beach was awesome EVEN THOUGH security wouldn't let anyone take pictures and Chad dissed me and wouldn't take a pic with me - its all good! Excited about Chester French! D.A. walked right beside us before the show but we didn't recognize him with his hair grown out. We thought he tried to sneak backstage and got kicked out! We got to meet the group and they were all very cool! I met Pharrell and shook his hand! Check out the pics below! Can't wait for the album!

- garrett

Jennifer said...

I was at the Cleveland, Ohio show and you all blew my mind. One of the best shows I've been to in quite a while. Please come back many more times!

My Photos:

My Myspace! I'd love to hear what you think of the photos.

\\// Jen

Gibran said...

you guyz were here in providence at the start of march.. and i have to say it was an amazing show.. full of energy.. you guy really love your fans.. and i got to feel that first hand.. being the first person to be let on stage.. i was not expecting it at all.. i am very grateful you let me have that experience i am a huge fan.. and it was just simply amazing to be able to go absolutely crazy with all of you.. thank you very much for that experience, i was also very lucky to be able to take a picture with pharrell.. thanks again.. i cannot thank you guyz enough.. for all the great music.. and the amazing live shows

this is the photo that i was very thankfu to thank with pharell

this a video of me on stage with pharrell during the song "spaze"

Anonymous said...

Your springroove show in Tokyo was reaallly good! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Your springroove show in Tokyo was reaallly good! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Skateboard P! Please peep my page . I am talented musician( not like most beatmakers from da streets) and i want to work with you, neptunes and startrak like a helper or etc. i sure that my music is matched for your artists and i will work under your control with pleasure.. just listen my music. Thanks P.

Anonymous said...

I was at the town ballroom March 4, 2008 in Buffalo ice storm! I had a blast I was in the front! It was sooo great! Some girl showed her small ass tits to the crowd! Ha ha! The energy from you guys had me amped!


MS_FLO said...

''World Wide Bape Heads Show 2008 Live In HONG KONG''

One day,I watched an advertisement for the ''World Wide Bape Heads Show 2008 live in HK'' on TV and
I was like, it real?Am I dreaming?

I'm so excite of it because I just always imagine that if N*E*R*D or Pharrell come to Hong Kong for a tour...
And this time,Pharrell is coming with N*E*R*D,one of my favorite rapper Kanye West and Teriyaki Boyz!!!
I guess the show must gonna crazy!!!

Next day...I go to buy 2 tickets (for the standing area in the front of the stage) and I just can't wait for the tour coming!!!
I'm so nervous before the tour is coming and it is my first N*E*R*D concert!!!

My boyfriend and I look forward to seeing the concert day after day.
At last Pharrell and Shae reached Hong Kong!!!

Before the day of the tour,Shae and Pharrell have an autograph events at the BBC ice-cream store!
Unfortunately,I know that after the events...I'm so sad of it because it's a good chance to see pharrell and maybe I can take a picture,talk with him in the autograph events but I miss the boat on it...!!!

It's the day of the tour and it's hard to waiting for this day coming!
My boyfriend and I arrived at 6pm and the show started at 8pm!!!

After Teriyaki Boyz and nigo performance,
Pharrell and Shae were coming on the stage and singing 3 new songs,
we all get high and jumped and sang together!
After the songs ""Fly or die'',''Maybe'',Pharrell was asking for some viewers to dance and sing ''LapDance''with him on the stage!!!
OMG...I really can't believe it will happen in HONG KONG,because it is never happen on the tour in Hong Kong!
All of the viewers gonna crazy at this moment!!!

After that,Pharrell was asking for the ladies to go on the stage to dance ''EVERYONE NOSE''with him!!!
OMFG!All of the girls gonna crazy and I wanna go on the stage too but the security guards don't let us to do that and stopped us!!!
I'm so jealous the girls who can go on the stage because after the song,pharrell was give them a hug,they're lucky!!!
And it's the last song from N*E*R*D!!!

After that,Kanye West was coming out and sing a lot of great songs to us,after the songs ''Gold Digger'',''Flashing Light'',''Good Life'' and ''Stronger'',most of the viewers thought it's the end of the tour,
because there have nobody on the stage and some of the viwers left already!
My boyfriend and I have to go to washroom,after that we heard the sounds of ''ZOCK ON'',we back inside quickly,we saw Pharrell,Kanye West,Nigo and Teriyaki boyz on the stage!!!
After the songs ''Zock On'' and ""I still love her'',Nigo asked the viewers: ''What will happen if Pharrell and Kanye together?''
We guess it must be ''number one'' and yeah,we're right!!
So glad to hear that because i love this song so much and I had already imagine that if Kanye and Pharrell come together,they must sing it together!!!

Finally,it is the last song for the show and Pharrell said:"See you guys next year''!!!'s amazing!!!
Even it's over,I still remember it all like just happened!!!I'm so excite of the show and I can't wait to see you guys again!!!
It's not enough for me because I still haven't listen you guys to sing''Thrasher'',''Breakout'',''Don't worry about it'',''Provider''and ''Run to the sun''in live,also,I still haven't see Chad on the stage this time!

So...what do you guys think about HONG KONG?How's the feeling in the show?You guys must come to HONG KONG and give us a great show again!!!We all can't waiting for that!!!

Check out the pictures...I took a lots of them:

$HAR0NA said...

Dear nerdofficial,

I went to the Nashville show.
Pharrell was sick however he gave it his all. If he wouldn't have told us we wouldn't have known. It's official...Pharrell, Chad, and Shae are fuckin rockstars!

I have video and photos from the show. I have over 300 HQ pics so if you need those get at me. We were front row and... Pharrell KICKED ME in the elbow. Yes...IT WAS A LOVE TAP. annnnd. he jumped off the stage into my arms and sang tape you to me and that is how i died on March 18, 2008....YUP.

xoxo, Sharona

Here's video:

Here's Photos:

Ciera said...

Hey guys, how was Seattle?


Seattle was insane... I am going to the Portland show as well... Does anyone know who the band that played with N E R D cuz they thrashed... HA CHU HA CHU!!!!

Kristin Faith said...

(GITD 4/18) Full of energy, but it went by way too fast!! I would have video but the arena didn't allow you to bring in cameras :( Worth every penny-

Ciera said...

Just got home from the show in SJ. You guys were amazing. So glad you did brain hehe.
Pharrell, there were probably a thousand women screaming your name, but maybe you heard me. I was freaking out just to be in the same room as you. I was in the middle of the 5th row jumping everywhere and throwing that startrack/hov sign that lupe does.

chloe said...

wuddup guys. i went to the san jose show was night and it was off the chain.


it was great, i want to see it again but front row or something!

anyway, my myspace is


cherita said...

i've been a fan since forever. for about 7 years, way longer than some of these ppl. but u guys are amazing! i wish one day i could be blessed with meeting all of you, especially pharrell. that is my dude for sure. the show in san jose was amazing. lots of energy, i just wish the set was longer, i can never get enough. i'm definitely trying to go to the one later on in the year.

my myspace is

-cherita aka LaydeeNeptunez

Ashley said...

glow in the dark pictures from san diego:



Leslie B. said...

still upset y'all cancelled in Myrtle Beach.

Nerdgurl757 said...

I am super late posting this .. but oh well. I went to the N.E.R.D show at The National in Richmond, Va. That Show was so amazing! Pharrell had the best energy and was dancing all over the place.I stood outside after the show by the tour bus to try to take a picture with Pharrell. It was a nice size crowd that was outside with me, so I figured I could get a good picture of Pharrell. I never thought I would get a chance to take a picture with him. Thanks again to the women who took the picture of us! (The people who rode with me left, and sat in the car..losers)Anyways, He is the nicest person you could ever meet, maybe next time I might have a conversation :). Although I didn't get a chance to take pictures with Chad and Shae that night, I didn't stress to much because I met them already. I met Shae and Pusha T from the Clipse earlier that night and literally almost ran into Chad at a Common concert at the Norva in Norfolk, Va (back in Oct 07).They are so humble and I love that about them. I'm looking forward to the new album and I can't wait to see you guys again at the Glow In The Dark Concert in Va Beach!

Kecia said...

Okay so although I and my crew of eight N.E.R.D crazed friends went to the Glow in the Dark Tour show in Los Angeles and you preformed, we when loopy. The best show by far we have gone to this year. And we go to a lot of concerts. We danced, we sweated, and yelled at the top of our lungs leaving our voices horse for the next day. That was my goal. All I can say is I can’t wait for the N.E.R.D tour and album cause we will be there as close to the front as we can get aside from being on stage with you guys. I was told I have to work this in this statement, my sister is Pharrell’s biggest fan (she loves him) she says Hi!

adrienneddorsey said...

I don't know what I could say, but my crew and I really "spazzed" at the Glow in the Dark Tour in LA. That was the best time I have ever had at a concert hands down. Hopefully, there will be an N.E.R.D Tour at House of Blues in LA, and of course we will be there up front and center. Maybe we will even be able to meet you guys ( that would be Fantastic). Thanks for the best time ever at a concert. I really needed that. God Bless

Ashley said...


Natty Ciolko said...

Hey here's the Daily Texan interview + article:

Thanks, your show was hot! Come back to Austin soon.

Book said...

I went to the Show in Oklahoma City, I live in Wichita ks, I snunk out of work early, hopped in the car with my girl and dove to OKC, got in, got to our sits, then boom N.E.R.D, killed it, I knew most of the songs, but the new stuff was Hott... ( can't wait for the new joint to come out ) Pharrell and shay are so live, and chad is so kool as hell, I been spazzing ever since the show, it was the best day of the year so far,thank you so much I can't wait to see you guys live again,

a Fan

Ciera said...

Hey, why don't you guys write something. We miss you. I read the BBC blog, but I like this 'cause it seems a bit more personal.

Alyssa said...

I felt like an idiot sitting with Chad at Myst in Dallas and not realizing who he was until I made a fool of myself. Open bar = stupid girl. Hey at least I hit on him because I thought he was cute, and not famous. =P What the hell. Once in a lifetime anyway. Good times.

Kat said...

I was just at your show in Houston, TX last night!! I've been in love with Pharrell for 10+ years, no joke, he was my first crush. This is the first show that I went to and you guys totally brought the crowd to life. I pushed my way through the crowd in an attempt to make it to the mosh pit on stage, but to no avail. HOWEVER, I chased Pharrell from one end of the stage to the other as he was leaving and YOU SHOOK MY HAND MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! I could tell you really love your fans because all of us were pleading with you to stay for a bit and you did. Thanks guys for an INCREDIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE night.


Top Shelf Entertainment: New Orleans said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Top Shelf Entertainment: New Orleans said...

Great show in Houston (Glow in the Dark)

ambrosiality said...

WE LOVED YOUR SHOW IN ATL!!!!!!!!!!!! just got home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ambrosiality said...

ps: THANKS for having us on stage!! it was like pure Magic!! We're still shocked!!

We were like the 2nd HYPEST!!! people! except those boys that new ALL the lyrics. even though we weren't the world greatest dancers!! We had so much fun & LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

ps: It was ALSO cool seeing Chris Brown, Musiq Soulchild, Lupe, Bow wow & everyone go CRAZY! on stage!!!

Ya'll were so... AMAZING!! & full of ENERGY!!

Anonymous said...

I will be at the show on 5/11 to seek what is written already.

The sun + 2 rocks = wings

The south is on her way to wisdom.

* Row 2 middle


i just saw you guys live in the ATL and mann,
it was absolutely amazing.
lol chris brown being there just to wild out was hilarious.
the drum solos were amazing.
every song was fire.
i knew every one too so i was jumping and acted a damn fool. lol i think i hit this girl next to me like 50 times though. haha

Anonymous said...

sickest show i have ever been to in my life. i was at the seattle show in my home town and i got to say that you guys held it down to the max! so much energy! holy crap! the drummer on stage left broke his drumstick and kept going and it still sounded sick. props to you guys. cant wait for the new cd.



mamamia said...

I just went to the Glow Tour last night in Raleigh, NC and all I can say is N.E.R.D was off the chain! It was like a true rock concert. I believe they should have been the main act, because literally, they "rocked it". And trust me, I am not saying this because I respect this group and see them as musical geniuses.

Ok, so the stage is set, the drummer starts rocking out and bam here comes Pharrell. A ball full of energy! Talking sh*t the moment he steps out. He's like all you people on the lawn need to come up here. Don't let the guys in the yellow shirts hold you back. My sister and I were actually about 12 rows from the stage, so we had great seats already. Of course, being the die hard N.E.R.D fan I am, I wanted to get right there next to the stage. The whole time, this dick of a security guard, was straight cock blockin!

But wait that's just the beginning, Pharrell starts singing "ROCK STAR" and everyone is just up and down, up and down. My sister and I had had some beers and were rocking out so hard, I swear I was gonna pee in my pants. But I held tight. I wasn't going to miss a beat of their performance. So back to "ROCK STAR", we're rocking hard and he just jumps off the stage into the crowd! My sister is like "Go get your man girl" LOL. I was running and got right in the aisle. He was literally like 2 feet away from where I was standing. He was getting closer. My heart was pounding, me knees shaking, having to go to the bathroom like tens time more than I did 2 minutes ago and BAM! This little girl jumps out from the left of me and throws herself on him. I'm like, where the hell did she some from? It was like Three's Company"., always something messing up Jack's chance to do something great. I was pissed!!!!

So Pharrell proceeds to go back towards the sky boxes (but really not "sky "since this was an outside venue) and jumps up there and starts rockin out gain. Amazing! He proceeds all the way around and back to the stage. My heart still pounding, cuz I assume, if this is a true rock performance, he's gonna ask some girls to come up on stage. Music is bumpin and he was singing a newer song about girls in the bathroom line. It was hot and he starts getting girls to come on stage.

I'm steady yelling "Pharrell! I want to be your provider". But he can't hear me. There was still hope that he would see my hands waiving him to come here. He pulled another girl and another and another up on stage, then he pulled a girl in a tight purple dress, with a big butt,"like a loaf of bread, make me wanna slice" and was grinding her, then bent her over and kept going. I was rolling! I couldn't hate on her, because she was getting hers! Needless to say, I never got on stage. But hey, you win some and I sure didn't lose, cuz with a performance like that, no one could.

Oh yes and he busted out the Molly Ringwald dance a bunch of times on stage. It was awesome! He hyped everyone up and made my sister fall in love with him. Now she sees what I mean when I say way back during Pass the Covassey Eight and Provider, how much of a grand artist he is. Oh and I can't forget about Chad with his black Gazelles on, rockin out on the keyboard or what ever it was, making fresh beats. He was just shaking his head laughing when he saw Pharrell go out in the crowd and go crazy. Oh and the band, the big drummer, I think his drum set was purple, was freakin rockin it, like Def Leppard's drummer (the guy with one arm). Just bananas!

N.E.R.D, Pharrell, Star Trek, deserves much more props from the MTV awards to the Grammy's to Kanye West thanking them for putting on such a crowd pleasing performance. I'm already looking for plane and concert tickets to another show. I would prefer seeing them as the main act. Kanye was fresh, but it was just more like a Vegas Show. He was performing and N.E.R.D was performing, but also interacting with the crowd in turn, make\ng it an experience you will talk about for years.

N.E.R.D- When or if you read this, please don't wait so long to do another tour and Pharrell, "I'LL BE YOUR PROVIDER".


might wanna update this bad-boy

Jay Spiffy said...

YO I saw you guys in the glow in the dark tour at nissan pavillion earlier yall was LIVE LIKE SHIT !!!!

lmao the minute you started playin everybody [including me and my friends] jumped up from the lawn, hopped over the wall to the pavillion and started gettin hyped in the seats !!!

yall opened that shit up right that was straight dope !

especially when yall did spazz and everyone nose i was losin my mind

but i wish yall the best of luck on the tour and i hope you keep givin the fans performances at least as hott as what i saw

And im DEFF coppin seeing sounds in june !

Ciera said...

Didn't even update to tell everyone that the preview of video for EVERYONE NOSE is now available...Linked it on myyy bllogggggggg.

Sam said...

I was at the glow in the glow in the dark tour concert this past weekend 5-10-08 N.e.r.d was the shit you guys got everyone dancing but KANYE WEST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Sorry pharrell you and him prob friends idk but KANYE WEST was REALLY BAD!!!

lnpayton said...

Sooo I saw you guys Sunday in VA Beach (during the tornado watch/warning..whatev)...YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING!!! I have wanted to see you guys for the past 5 years...I loved it!! Thanks for an awesome show!! Can't wait to see you again!!! :)

Marie Tabucbuc said...

You guys are mind blowing live. I really hope you come around again (especially down to San Diego) after ya'll release your album. N*E*R*D's performance was for SURE my favorite opener of the night. Ya'll killed it, and hyped up the crowd to the max. It was beautiful, simply beautiful.. and seeing you guys was definitely worth getting hit in the head by some crowd surfer.

here are my pictures

and here are my videos

my myspace is:

and if for some reason I copied the video links wrong, my youtube username is: mae177

Michelle said...

Loved the show in Hartford...drove 2 hours to see you guys...You killed it there (the rain didn't ruin a thing) and at Lupo's in Providence in March! pictures...I was too busy dancing...To killed it both times...Can't wait to get the album!

Fenix said...

Saw the show in Charlotte a couple weeks ago. And yes I did see Pharrell bust his ass. He did attempt to play it off very well by laying on his back to finish the song.

And the next night, I met Pharrell in front of the Umstead in Cary.

Anyway, I loved the show. Keep doing it.

Celine said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! awesome show in montreal for glow in the dark tour!!!!!!!

when pharrell came on stage i was just so star strucked. i had front row!!! and on the song spaz, chris brown came on stage and so did lupe fiasco!!! and they had cereal boxes that they threw after and i got one!! then i got it signed by lupe and pharrell. pharrell also pointed at me during she wants to move and started dancing then at the end, he touched my hand!!!

it was one the best nights in my life!!!

ms.rea said...

camden nj

loved it!!!!

ms.rea said...

whoops myspace info is

i forgot to add that...

DTWICE said...

YeS SiR !!!?

I m french !!! so I gotta to speak my language ;)

C'est vraiment dommage que le Show n'a pas lieu en France ou en Europe pour l'insant !!!
J'ai été au concert de KanYe West et je n'ai jamais ressenti autant de joie et de satisfaction qu'en écoutant mes morceaux préférés!!!
Ceci dit j'ai confiance au Hiphop, j'ai confiance aux héroes du Hiphop, j'ai confiance en vous!!!
Nerd, CRS, Good Music !!!


Sham said...

heyyy i went to the Montreal show!!
The show was purely insaneee
when spazz came in i started kicking my chair and when the suprise came out on stage to krump PURE GENIUS !!!
i love u guyzz i hope ur gonna come back soon in Canada !:)

BillionaireGirl said...

You guys killed it at MTV Live in Toronto! was late but saw you guys again at the Glow in the Dark concert.. very well respected cuz y'all are sooo nice! when are you gonna be doing a full concert in Toronto???

Anonymous said...

I was at the May 23rd chicago concert. N*E*R*D and Kanye were the main reason I bought the tickets to the GITD Tour. When you guys performed I had so much fun, I even sweated out my hair from spazzing out lol. I cried when I saw Pharrell, I was so happy. You guys made the concert fun.

Randall said...

Went to the Chicago concert last friday, May 23, and loved every second of it. That song, antimatter, was amazing, and just the type of song to keep the energy that Lupe had going throughout the night. Great Show i am now going to buy tickets for the Cincinnati show.

T said...

Hola! Went to both shows in Chi-town and you guys killed it.

Def held your own on Kanye's tour.

david01 said...


a T e k said...

I saw you guys in VA at GITD! You guys rocked it as usual! I can't wait for Seeing Sounds to come out!

Chad and I:

P on stage with some hot ladies in Richmond a couple months back:

Bianca said...

I went 2 the concert for Detroit,MI on may 22. I missed my honors night when i was being presented with awards but i didn't care! i had alot of fun i mean i alot alot alot alot of fun and i finally got 2 see my favorite band of all time!! omg im still trippin over the fact that i saw yall in person! Pharrell told all the sexy single ladies to throw their hands up and i was jumping up and down throwing my hands up and my boyfriend was standing right next to me telling me to put my damn hands down lol
hit me up!

Nisha said...

Saw you guys in Toronto, you were amazing!! I'm over here from Australia and never thought I would get to see you guys, please come to Perth!! but i was lucky to be in toronto at the right time, you were so great, i loved the new music, cant wait for the new album!!!

thanks for a great show and i hope to see you guys in Aus soon! i am heading to japan on the way home and cant wait to check out the bbc store too, love your style. what can't you guys do!?!

here's a vid of rock star from your show with kanye. this was the first song of yours i heard, still love it!


The Queen Of Hearts said...

Your show was AMAZING in Detroit. I wish you were able to play some more songs. You got it really hype! I can not wait to come to a show when it is just you guy. I previewed the album online it sounds AMAZING!!

Chad Hughes of Korrupshun Kore said...

Yo yo, special sauce was NUTS!

I got the photos here on my myspace: under the All Star Inspirations album, i got one of you pushin some kid into the crowd pharrell!

C.M.A. said...

My voice is still raspy from last night.
Your Glow performance in Vancouver last night was epic. You got the crowd going from beginning 'til end. "Oh shit" to the girl that fell onstage, indeed.

Come back soon. Vancity loves you for sure.

Scott said...


The GITD show in LA @ Nokia in April was ridiculous! Loved the cover of "Seven Nation Army."

Here are a couple of pics I shot during the N*E*R*D* show at the Perez Hilton show in Austin for this year's SXSW:

rock on!

PS: See you at GITD for the second time around at Staples this Sat!

Anonymous said...

love you guys live! your amazing
hoped you in enjoyed vancouver, b.c. since it was your first time preforming here.
i went to meet you guys at the signing at livestock too! :)
wanted 2 buy u guys paninis but the owner started yelling at me :(

YagodKa said...

when u will come back to poland ? ^^

ashley said...

last night i went to the glow in the dark tour. i was mostly excited for lupe & kanye west. but when n*e*r*d performed i got so fucking hyped. & hands down n*e*r*d was my favorite performance of that night.

Smooth4Lyfe said...

Well if u guys come to DC or Maryland!!
I really wanna see you guys!!

Nicole said...

you guys killed it in LA (april 21st). best act on the tour!!

Lovee92002 said...

This was my first N.E.R.D. concert and it was off the chain,I wanted to get a chance to meet Pharrell and couldn't get that lucky,If you ever come to connecticut again I'm trying to get front row center this time,I was close but not close enough I wanted to be one of the girls you pulled on stage,I'm quite shy so I didn't get down quick enough to get to center stage,but maybe next time you'll notice me I have a butterfly with a diamond body on my lower back and hopefully soon the same tat you have going up your neck,I think it's so sexy,I just need a better pic of it and it will be done.Unless you do not want any copies just let me know,I'll have your name instead or a design of your choice.Next concert I'll make a custom shirt for you and hope you'll remember me.I'm Pharrell's"number 1"check out my sexy page

Ciera said...

I can't wait to meet you boys on Tuesday <333333.

Know And Be Free said...

yo. I haven't made it to a show yet, but I got my blog on the same site. I wrote a short review of "seeing sounds" check it:

that album has yet to leave my cd player.

Danie said...

Great. Majestic experience. I saw you guys at the Glow In the Dark Tour and almost passed out from that incredible show [i used up so much energy]. I was always a fan and this was the first opportunity I was able to take so I had to take it. I STILL remember the incredible sounds and energy I felt. My friend who's not really up on you guys went the next day, I asked her how the concert went she said "girl, n.e.r.d killed it."

Smooth4Lyfe said...

Well I haven't been to any of ur concerts (because none around my area, and I REALLY want to) but here is a pic of me with your CD, autographed!!

Smooth4Lyfe (upcoming positive vibe/motivational artist) with "Seeing Sounds" album from one of my FAVORITE artists!!

Pic of me with "Seeing Sounds"

My Myspace

Smooth4Lyfe said...
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Smooth4Lyfe said...

Here is the N.E.R.D. Fan Facebook Group...if you have a facebook, JOIN!!! if your a fan!!..its admined by ME

Anonymous said...

I went to the Glow In the Dark tour on April 18 2008 in sactown, cali babby and let me tell you i have been to soooo many random concerts, from rock, hiphop to pop..AND THE GLOW IN THE DARK WAS THE BEST EVER!. N.E.R.D was the best up their! You guys made my day..I still have yet to develop pictures..BUT THANKS FOR THE GREATEST DAY OF 2008
-Crystal Steele sacramento, ca

Drake Murphy Music said...

Mannnnn... I was in the Crowd when you guys came to Raleigh NC.... WOW thats all I can say... I honestly came to see you guys and not really soooo much Kanye, He ripped it too along with Rhiana and Lupe!!!!!! But the energy you guys put out.... man I was amazed... I love the way yall dont fit the mold... Thats how I want my music to be as well... But I also went to Myrtle Beach, Drove 4+ Hours to see you guys only to get turned away at the door... I was pissed honestly haha I didnt listen to "In Search Of" or "Fly Or Die" for like 15 minutes man... hahaha Nahh I was upset that yall didnt perform for us but I know how it goes so im not mad.... thats why I went to the concert in Raleigh.. Well Ill holla later... Oh yeah, Pharrell, Ask Wilner at the front desk of ur Miami Getaway about us... Kent, and Drake Murphy.... You met Kent through him once, he still talks about it haha... But yeah, we used to Make tracks for "Conspiracy Records" Outta there... but yeah, Peace

Drake Murphy Music said...

Mannnnn... I was in the Crowd when you guys came to Raleigh NC.... WOW thats all I can say... I honestly came to see you guys and not really soooo much Kanye, He ripped it too along with Rhiana and Lupe!!!!!! But the energy you guys put out.... man I was amazed... I love the way yall dont fit the mold... Thats how I want my music to be as well... But I also went to Myrtle Beach, Drove 4+ Hours to see you guys only to get turned away at the door... I was pissed honestly haha I didnt listen to "In Search Of" or "Fly Or Die" for like 15 minutes man... hahaha Nahh I was upset that yall didnt perform for us but I know how it goes so im not mad.... thats why I went to the concert in Raleigh.. Well Ill holla later... Oh yeah, Pharrell, Ask Wilner at the front desk of ur Miami Getaway about us... Kent, and Drake Murphy.... You met Kent through him once, he still talks about it haha... But yeah, we used to Make tracks for "Conspiracy Records" Outta there... but yeah, Peace

Drake Murphy Music said...

Mannnnn... I was in the Crowd when you guys came to Raleigh NC.... WOW thats all I can say... I honestly came to see you guys and not really soooo much Kanye, He ripped it too along with Rhiana and Lupe!!!!!! But the energy you guys put out.... man I was amazed... I love the way yall dont fit the mold... Thats how I want my music to be as well... But I also went to Myrtle Beach, Drove 4+ Hours to see you guys only to get turned away at the door... I was pissed honestly haha I didnt listen to "In Search Of" or "Fly Or Die" for like 15 minutes man... hahaha Nahh I was upset that yall didnt perform for us but I know how it goes so im not mad.... thats why I went to the concert in Raleigh.. Well Ill holla later... Oh yeah, Pharrell, Ask Wilner at the front desk of ur Miami Getaway about us... Kent, and Drake Murphy.... You met Kent through him once, he still talks about it haha... But yeah, we used to Make tracks for "Conspiracy Records" Outta there... but yeah, Peace

Roberta said...

I saw you June 14 2008 Brixton Academy London, England. You guys rocked. When will the video of the night be out? They filmed me in the queue.
You can see my Videos of the night on you tube:-
It was the first time I had to queue around the block. It was worth it had a great time.

Got some photos too you can see them on

Keep on rocking! :)

Anonymous said...

Saw u guys at the Brixton Academy! and the signing at Hideout!!! guys r great! LOVE THE MUSIC.... dont ever stop making it!!!!!

fran said...

I went to your show in Denver, and Denver may suck but you guy kicked ass! On a seperate note, I thought you might enjoy this. I had this dream, and my grandma was wearing a BBC shirt so i was like "gramma, why are you wearing a billionaire boys club shirt?" and she was like "Oh, because of my arthritis." Don't want to write too much more but I read somewhere Pharell said Carl Sagan is a genius and I totally agree. Have you guys seen the movie CQ? I think you'd enjoy it... I'm not really expecting a reply, but it would be cool...



fran said...

I went to your show in Denver, and Denver may suck but you guy kicked ass! On a seperate note, I thought you might enjoy this. I had this dream, and my grandma was wearing a BBC shirt so i was like "gramma, why are you wearing a billionaire boys club shirt?" and she was like "Oh, because of my arthritis." Don't want to write too much more but I read somewhere Pharell said Carl Sagan is a genius and I totally agree. Have you guys seen the movie CQ? I think you'd enjoy it... I'm not really expecting a reply, but it would be cool...



Anonymous said...

I went to your show in Edmonton. an let me say right off the bat.. FUCKIN AMAZING! I have NEVER screamed that loud before in my lifee! N.E.R.D. brought SO much energy to the concert an got everybody so fuckin hyped up. I didn't even think it was possible to love N.E.R.D. more than I did before I went to the show. But I left that concert convinced that they were the greatest things that have eveeeer happened to the world! Honestly, I have never eveeer wanted to hug anybody in the world like I wanted to Hug Pharrell when I left that concert. THAT CONCERT CHANGED MY LIFEE!!
Thanks for being so fuckin amazing.

Ryan Escobar said...

yo yall show in st. louis was super duper tite
come through missouri more often guys WE NEED YOU

ryan escobar

imby2004 said...

i was at the myspace secret show you played yesterday in munich!!incredible show!but way too short;)
been to your first ever show you played in germany/berlin....that was a nice show but yesterday you rocked sooooo much!!!

here are some pics of the myspace show

please come back to munich!!!!

Trevin said...

Mannn Ive been a fan of NERD since 1999 and I still have my original copy of "In Search Of" in the case. I finally saw u guys in Buffalo earlier this year and I don't think I'll ever be the same. I sat in the cold for 6 hours and froze my ass off and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The energy was crazy, the sound was fresh, and I repeated every line word for word. BEST SHOW IVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE, no lie. I honestly have pretty much everything from NERD or even Neptunes produced and I appreciate true musicians that take time and create music that not only is quality but timeless as well. If I had the chance to just chill with NERD I'd be greatful out of this world. Even if I don't get that chance I will still be a fan because without you guys, I would have gave up on music a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Strangest Glow In The Dark Tour Story

Undercover ops., stealth work, planting materials.

Got your attention yet?

Pre GITD Tour
Location. Tucson, AZ

Long story short, I posed as stage crew for parking, I posed PA and got back stage, ate lunch with the stage crew, made friends with security, planted my demo (which included my screenplay, tv scripts, sketch comedy sketches, beats, raps, and my most recent pro wrestling match) on a cd in Lupe's room, I had some for your locker room which I was in but for some reason the people prepping it moved the table and food, and trashed the cleverly hidden cds I left you guys. I almost got caught but the security guard I made friends with bailed me out when another security guy questioned my cred. "oh he's a PA, he's cool"

I didn't mean to be a creep, or anything like that. All I really wanted was an address so I can properly submit my material.

You guys killed the show, I had mixed reaction when I saw your set list in your dressing room before the show , but the titles sent my imagination going nuts because album was far from dropping. sorry The Unin. of Arizona made you censor yourselves.

One day I hope to return the favor and make some art that touches you the way your art touches me.



bleble said...

I dance with Pharrell on the stage in Berlin (27.06.08) IT WAS AWESOME!!
(1:10 haha) Everybody could see my thong :P

MEL said...

When are u touring overseass???

S Money said...

Hey Guys, thanks for the great interview! Our MySpacers are loving it! Here's the footage!

Loren said...

I was in Montreux yesterday for your show. It was so amazing!!! So, i'm going to be here for your next show in Switzerland!!!



Portia said...

Go on this link to see my thoughts:

I hope you remember me Pharrell x]


Hey guys, thank you for letting me join you on stage! I had so much fun and it was a real honor... As your biggets fan, It was something crazy! I had a lot photos (link facebook), tell me if you want them.
Take care,


Ciera said...

Hey guys! I can't wait to see you at the Filmore on the 21st. I know you are super busy, so I understand why this blog hasn't been updated in a while. If you could use someone to just post the news about you from other sites on here, I could do it. I'm always checking the BBC blog and anywhere else I can find N*E*R*D news, so it would be real easy for me to update this blog for you. If you could give me editing access I would be honored to help keep your fans up-to-date!

Anonymous said...

yo guys, Amsterdam Melkweg 09-07-08
was f*cking great thanks for tha shit you bring us

Amsterdam is your hometown yeah

greetings deejaymike

Dal said...

im coming ot the birmingham one on the 19th august, on my birthday :)
im gona have to spend the whole day in queue thoe if i wanna be i nthe frotn row but its worth it, cant think of anything id rather do for my birthday :)
i'll post my photos :D

Anonymous said...

These are some pictures from the cd signing at the Hollywood and Highland Virgin store. They wouldn't allow cameras so I sneaked some from the outside line. =P

Sara said...


some videos of Eurockéennes show in france ===>

SiFiSewell said...


For those not used to it, this is my usual: “straight-from-the-horses-mouth”, nothing spared, no time for hype, play-by-play account of the GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR, Atlanta. Welcome to the view from my eyes! The story’s too good not to tell.

Let me set the stage for you…Sunday, May 4th held a beautiful glow about it and anticipation was one of the least words that could be used to describe the feeling many felt while en-route to Duluth’s Gwinnett Civic Center. Thick traffic and heavy pedestrian action filled every inch of Sugarloaf Parkway. Colorful persons could be seen coming out every place imaginable. Sites were set on a gathering place at the opening corridors to the venue. Tents and booths from the likes of 95.5 The Beat, Hot 107.9ATL and V-103 aligned the entry way and became the focal point of Georgia Who’s Who and those looking to meet up. Surprisingly enough, with no security upon admittance it must have been safely assumed that there weren’t going to be shootings or drama of any kind at this affair, and there wasn’t. Go figure! A united feel of love in the air, matched with a peaceful disposition held by all, allowed for the atmosphere of “good times” to rightfully exist. As only smiles and daps were thrown, everyone rushed to their seat, as not to miss first act up, Lupe Fiasco. Oh, this show started On Time!

Fiasco showed out much to his namesake, more energetic than his hype-man, yet holding more responsibility. Dressed clad in your basic red jumpsuit apparatuses, Lup’ and friends dropped older schooled gems, “He Say She Say” & “Real” from the Food and Liquor album before moving to his most recent body of work. Also bringing along album sidekicks, Sarah Green and Nikki Jean, L.F. delivered ”Free Chilly”, “Can You Let Me Know”, “Intruder Alert”, “Superstar”,
“Hip-Hop Saved My Life”, “Little Weapon” and ”The Cool”. It wasn’t until super favorites “Go Go Gadget Flow”, and the famous “Kick, Push” that Lupe’s hungriness in rhyming was fully identified. And after not fully being in “the know”, I now know why Fiasco is him…as he only went full out with crazy energy as if unsigned, without any type of deal on the table and too much to prove. Lupe ended with his newest single, the jazzy, “Paris, Tokyo”, and with that the first set was out of the way and we were sent floating on to the next, in traveling style.

Now, as old folks say, “It’s all in a name”, and I, for certain would have thought that more audience members would have unconsciously gotten the memo and come, glowing in the dark. Only five did. However, my team and I are never left out in the cold, as we were fresh from the Dollar Tree. With our attention-getting glow in the dark shades we shined for the world to see as we lit all on our way to our seats for featured next act, N*E*R*D.

And without a doubt, N*E*R*D made sure they lit the stage as well.
Per usual, this night NERD role-call consisted of Pharrell Williams and Shae Haley minus the never-present co-founder, Chad Hugo. No electric beat was missed! Trouped up with instrumentalists, they performed released and unreleased songs from their upcoming June 10th disc, entitled Seeing Sounds: and of course, “Everybody Nose” that when you have ADHD you tend to “Spaz”! Haha…lol. And spaz they did alongside Chris Brown, Bow Wow and others who filled the stage to help bring the song’s title to full spirit. Wikipedia’s described “Funk, rock band” then jumped into Fly or Die’s “She Likes to Move”, with excerpts from “Can I Have it Like That” that left fans having it just the way they wanted it. In Search Of…’s “Lapdance”, “Poser” and “Brain” took us down memory lane and times were set on high. The known humble and shockingly approachable Skateboard P made sure effort to pass out handshakes and “love” to a few non-specific supporters assembled in the front row before jetting off. Being a big fan of N*E*R*D who’s seen them do their thing before, there’s not really much to say but that they rocked and their play time passed by too quickly!

Intermission time was filled with glorious moments of running into too many former colleagues, old friends, family members and future business cohorts all that shared in the same performance reflective. Up for sale was colorful tour merchandise of all sorts and I know they made a killing! Boy, if only I was on the receiving end of those profits, could I then actually afford to pay you to read my reviews! ;)

Next up was favored glamour girl, trendsetter Rihanna. This was my first time seeing her live and for some odd reason or another I didn’t expect her to be good live, apparently I should have known better! Lil’ “RiRi” was sangin’ and she looked good to! She sounded better than album/radio versions. And, in all honesty, Rihanna “Whitney Houstoned” her songs. Crisp riffs, strong vocal control and unconditional perfection brought us straight into her world, especially on ballads! Perhaps we can attribute this to the vocal coaching of Chris Brown. Maybe we’ll never know. To my surprise, word on the street was that she was actually a little under the weather, and that could be believable by the lack of emotion expressed in her face. But once she went into her reggae tribute over M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”, complete with dance moves and secret island grooves, she could have bought just about every audience member for a nickel! She even rapped! Someone give this girl 5 Mics! Can you tell I’m still spellbound? The allurement did not stop there. It actually began as she first hit stage in a one piece, spider like print, florescent pink and black leather outfit, with matching 6-inch glow in the dark “stripper” heels. Her stage swag accouterments included a whole ‘lotta booty bouncin’ robo-dancers in construction hardhats with red lights atop them and similar neon gear. I think it’s safe to say this good girl’s gone at least a little bad! Career starting lead single “Pon De Replay”, “I Hate That I Love You”, and “Unfaithful” sent admirers pleasantly fiending to “Please Don’t Stop The Music”! Believe Rihanna was not left singing alone, but it was the last song that tipped me off to the fact that her show was nearing end. After freestyling a new beginning verse and with her dancers pulling out a prop (along with one other fan that I saw) Rihanna started into what’s been noted as the most successful song of 2007 “Umbrella”, and then exited stage left. Afterward, no one dared move from his or her seat. Really, for all you waited and paid, would you risk missing a moment of Kanye’s big display? I’ll let you answer that question.

Let me get my bearings really quickly ‘cause Paramount is the best and only way to accurately articulate my recounting of the following “nocturnal parade”. There was no guessing that this was to be an exhibition like never before, especially when songwriter Sean “The Pen” Garrett, producer Dallas Austin, the famed Quincy Jones, Mary J & Kendu, Usher, the aforementioned Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri and others hidden among the crowd show up. These famous onlookers were smart about it and grabbed the best seat in the house: the sound booth at center of house! Little did we all know that showing up we would be coming to catch a glimpse of what is now known as something so epic. When the lights went down in the house, wild went the crowd. “Kanye, Kanye!” they immediately began to cheer, welcoming Mr. West back to his birthplace. Ye expressed his untold love for Atlanta, the only known melting pot unafraid to party and show love at a moment’s notice. Could be that good OLE’ southern charm you’ve heard so much about, either way do let it also be recorded that this is where Kanye came to find last minute inspiration while finishing Late Registration. ‘Nuff said, you already know we bring it.

Smoke machines, smoke screens, lasers, props, pyrotechnics, voiceover tricks and absolutely loud-than-your-average audible were all in-play to cement Yeezy’s awesome innate storytelling ability. All mentioned, allowed the order of events to be played out like a Broadway movie, with a story line that introduced itself to us as Kanye lengthily and fervently acted out the fact that his computerized spaceship “Jane” crash landed and left him stranded on a remote planet. With no where to go we flew through material from his collective, schoolyard music series: College Dropout, Late Registration, and finally Graduation. Songs were played from a raised set where the floor was at a slope and when Kan’ would rap and stomp at the same time on the beat, bouts of reds and yellows would simultaneously light up the screen below and behind his feet, (think ala Billie jean). These same vivid colors and actions were also captured on the wide screens for arena aerial view at each side of the stage. Ye nearly went track for track from the Graduation album, getting the night started with ”Good Morning”. Other craters included “Cant Tell Me Nothing”, “Champion”, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” the heartfelt and near tear inducing “Hey Mama”, “Spaceship”, a verse from “It All Falls Down”, the super spiritual “Jesus Walks”, and “Heard ‘Em Say”. Though the spacecraft was grounded, fun was not halted. As we traveled on down the Milky Way we tuned into meteoric joints like debut single, “Through The Wire”. It was there Ye rubbed on Jane as he reminisced on the fondness of previous “Gold Digger(s)”. During “Flashing Lights”, we were greeted with huge balls flying overhead that literally flashed lights as lights underneath the center stage platform revealed themselves lifting the night’s performer even higher from the floor. This concert had its own soundtrack too, that could probably be heard by galaxies afar. Oh my stars! Sound was broadcast at higher volumes than usual concerts are (but should be from now on) as this was the best show sound yet to date: I can still feel it! And to go along, our master of ceremonies mixed live with his band and background singers who were located below in the ever-roomy orchestra pit. A few times, strings were directed to stop and drums be brought in. The conductor, (West) was hard at work, or play, depending on the angle. I have to mention that Ye did some interesting things I’ve not seen anyone do. He made it perfectly okay for T-Pain to be absent from “Good Life” as his microphone went into live auto-tune and he sang T’s part without him, and better than him! One other time his mic took on the nature of a dark and warped spirited voice and Kanye began rapping and spoke in the eerie chopped and screwed tone which left some uneasy and delightfully inspired all at the same time. Whatever the case, copycats have already begun taking immediate note and action, mark my words. Ye had the arena on lock. One moment proved this as he vehemently insisted, “It’s The Roc!” and all he could do was stand, stare and take swigs of H2o from his army fatigued, reserve supply cantina as the entire stadium threw up their Roc’ signs. His second batch of assistance came in the form of Lupe Fiasco who was the only artist to join West onstage and together they touched the sky, and beyond. After a wildly received, extended version of “Stronger”, West left the audience in dark applause where they once again found themselves screaming fondly for their top five MC.

Thankfully, I’ve pretty much seen every act I’d like to, because after this, no one is likely to touch upon a piece of what Kanye presented. Ye gave his all and little more after that. At this point in my career, I only need watch true performers and artist who know what putting it down is supposed to look like. I’m talking, with all factors involved, we were literally taken to another world, and that’s beside the apparent outer space schema. Artist/attendee Niko Villamor later used one word via text to best describe the show: “Ignorant!” and it was just that. Showmanship was assuredly shown forth and if you are to attend any of the remaining tour dates for the Glow InThe Dark Tour, you will see the future! Despite being amid voluminous concerto illustration, Kanye decided to planet hop one last bit and hand out verbal lashings to press/media regarding the B+ rating given to the tour on overall show quality and this I must address. My critical comments are obviously not directed at Kanye since it’s not hard to tell I feel his contribution was an impressive A+++. But, truthfully, others’ short set times partnered with less than stellar set designs, not including N*E*R*D, is what probably granted the B+ rating. It was generally expected that with this level of tour magnitude that all sets would be “on point” and up to par with each artist current world status and reputation. Candidly, the ball was somehow dropped. The passionate Mr. West argued that, “art made on this level cannot be graded!” And yes, as Puffy recently exclaimed on his personal MySpace blog, admittedly, I too re-fell in love with the Misses: Hip-Hop. After the taking in of this highly-detail oriented and amazingly crafted display of a show, who couldn’t? Kanye ended his set in an exclamatory sing song statement: “I RUN THIS GAME!” And, in all actuality, looking around, he did. After this night, it was clear that (for those needing it) permission had been given to do things on a higher level. Appreciation intake levels were stepped up. Where’s yours ??? If you need help, just go and get the associated albums and tour DVD when it drops (and it better, ‘cause if you missed this show, you’re light years behind!

Not to miss its que, after party igniter and tour sponsor, ABSOLUT 100 held a glow of festivities to complement the evening at Jermaine Dupri’s Studio 72. Music supplied by DJ Ruckus, free flowing liquor, food and official Kanye West shades were definitely all the rave at this shindig. My other “aha” moment of the night was actually the delivery of the sunglasses, displayed on trays strapped to radiant 1940’s-esque “cigarette box type ladies”, great theme usage! As event planners would have it, a flame of a good time led well into the morning as the perfect nightcap to a day well spent.

Special thanks go to ABSOLUT’s ever helpful, Sarah Bissett.

(pharrell greeting n*e*r*ds in audience)
(colors eroding from n*e*r*d stage)
(kanye’s effulgent splash of orgasmic hues)



you can't be me I'm a rockstar said...

I've tagged you on myspace, in the photo taken on EXIT festival during your show

Sam said...

greetings from seoul, korea/boston, mass

we are doing a tribute show for n.e.r.d./neptunes at berklee college of music in boston.

i doubt you guys would have the time to come out but ill send video links from the show asap.

DC to BC said...

live show is great. but they need to rotate their playlist. killjoy isn't the power move. hit that 1st and 2nd album with authority. spaz plays so much that i don't even like hearing it anymore. the beat didn't even go as hard as it could have. add those saudi arabian synths from their LIVE performance of that song and maybe we can talk. throw love bomb in rotation. some day we'll laugh about it. throw bobby james, or the way she dances out there. do some shit that the FANS of your music really wanna hear, you know what i mean?

and come to DC during the summer, or boston during the school year. i will ensure a sell out crowd.

donna said...

hey guys

i was so lucky 2 u live in nyc, london and berlin!! always in front, always on stage and at last i also won a meet & greet!! how crazy is that!??! i must be the happiest fan ever!!! u can see all the pix on my profile. i hope u like it.
i hope p gonna remember me again. coz last time he did! haha! yezziiiir! :-)


Loren said...

Your shows in Switzerland (Montreux and Bern) were incredibly good , thanks! :)

my pictures are in

:) see you !!

vernon said...

the fillmore

Xyz said...


Great Show @ the Fillmore last night July 21st, 2008 I can’t wait until the next time you come out! Also, I was standing behind those people in the only balcony that wasn't on their feet until Pharrell said something. Then I couldn’t see. =( But I still enjoyed seeing you guys. The band was amazing too! I saw them upstairs with a faint smell of weed. haha. I love N*E*R*D*!


allyson1 said...

Went to the San Diego concert 7/20 i was standing 2nd row center when a girl front row left apparently exposed herself. Pharrell saw her and his eyes lit up like a candle. he said" now put those titties away! that is a pleasent distraction but you made me miss part of a verse. he was so nice to the fans. all the girls who got on stage for "she likes to move" got a hug. so sweet!

Portia Bartley said...

THis is what i thought of your concert in Montreux:

M.E.C STUDIO said...

Cincinnati, Ohio

N.E.R.D. was so involved with the crowd it was amazing!!!! Pharrell told these two chicks to come on stage because thats what the fuck they get for singing all the words to the songs....classic!!! Super, major energy came from you guys. I especially loved the drum off to Rockstar. I couldnt scream loud enough. Lupe had to come back ou on stage for that one. I follow you guys from In Search Of... and its great to see you grow. Your music is definately something everyone can listen to. Cant wait for the next one until then I have your other three and Pharrells album to listen to.


Anonymous said...

amazing. the show is without s doubt GREAT. to say the least i fucking loved it.

jla said...

heyy i just want to say all you fellas know how to get a crowd hype i was at the glow in the dark tour at mOntreal and it was a dream come true ..i never seen you guys perform and the results made me happpy ..check it out at 2:29 minutes and see what im talking about

performing Brain -N*E*R*D

dtcladia said...

Hey i just saw nerds at øya festival in norways..and i think its really kool that nerd met up in time and there were no delayes which i think is great coming from a big group...sadly this dosent happend with other groups very often, and i also think it was great how pharell took the time to say goodbye to the fans. nerd rules!!!!

Anonymous said...

So great night in Belgium!! The show was amazing and I had a great moment with you guys on stage and in backstage. I was so lucky cause I was on stage too in Belfort!! N*E*R*D crew is adorable and really available for the fans, I really appreciated that! Thank you again for all the pleasure you give!! I hope to see you in France soon!! N*E*R*D FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

Opps I forgot : here is the myspace to see the pics from Belgium

Kristina Thomas said...

I went to the show on July 20, 2008 in
San Diego, Ca

It was the last song....

"She Wants to Move"

Pharell started bringing girls on stage. I shouted,

"Hey, GET ME!"

It was like an angel had lifted me; but by all means it was securty guard who lifted my body to stage. And then I started dancing. Shaking my ass, my tailfeather, my....BUTT! There they all were...

Pharell, Shay and Chad :)

Pharell ignored me for some girls in dresses, but I rocked out with his security guard and then I bootty freaked Pharell from behind. He loved it! HA! It was before I got on stage my hat had come off when he was singing and noticed me,

he stared, licked his tongue at me, smiled, and I shaked my hair and he started singing to me a little before he moved on....

Nevertheless, I was on stage rockin' out givin my boy, Christopher Alan the hand signal this was the dopest shit I ever did in MY LIFE!! I started to dance shake and I saw Shay coming towards me.

He stopped.

So I started rocking out and bobbing my head back and forth ROCKIN'LIKE IT WAS MY BUSINESS! Shay stood still lookin at me. I stop to take a break, he smiles and dances with me. But oh no, the song ended, its the LAST SONG! The security push me off stage.

I look at the crowd.

I remember what Y.O. told me "I wish I could do a stage dive one time"

So without any hesitation, I pushed the guard aside and leaped into the was slow motion for real ya'll.

I swear I heard N.E.R.D. "Love bomb" playing as I floated in the air.

I saw the people from below me.

I landed into the crowd with ease, crowd surfing like I done it before. I laughed in amazement that I survived. Then I was pushed to security, and the show ended for a second. I gathered my purse and ran up to my boy Chris and his friend. They both told me:

"You made my night with that stage are crazy"

I responded, "I had to do it! Can't even believed I made it"

This shit is going down in history as the BEST EVER moment I've had at a concert. Again, thank you to Chris and his friend for the gas money. To add, thanks to his friends for getting us a close space in line. Thanks to N.E.R.D. for giving me the opporunity....*sigh, thank you for making my life! For reals!!!


Sanchia said...

i love you guys man. you were freaking SWEET.

So gutted i didnt get pulled up on stage. you guys need to play the uk MORE!! :D

Dal from Wolverhampton said...

I've got photo's from all your uk gigs :D

here's the best ones's :

Itunes London -

Brixton, London -

Brighton Beach -

Birmingham, Carling Academy -

i was the girl that showed you guys her fly or die tattoo on stage :)

Anonymous said...

you guys should use facebook!

Sheffield was a blast!

Can't wait to see you guys again...must come to Leeds next time!

Char said...

i had been waiting a LONG time to hear you live and yinz rocked it OUT in Pittsburgh. THANK YOU! cool meeting you, thanks for a good time and the photo (see above =D). i missed yinz in Richmond but will see you in Philly soon, inshallah.

what's up to Dwayne...

update your freaking Web site!

PS <3

Anonymous said...

Hey I flew all the way to London to brighton to watch the show,it was fantastic I love the band and I love Chester French ,i hope you guys think of coming to South Africa ,you have alot of fans here.Pharell thank you for entertaining me for that split !! you are quite the entertainer ....

Viet Nguyen said...

WORD!!!! the seattle show was DOPE!!!

You guys don't realize this but me, my friend Tony, and my wife Inna waited in line since 3 PM to guarentee that we'd be up close and personal with you guys. My wife is one of the biggest, if not the biggest N.E.R.D./Pharrell fans out there and after seeing you guys so far away during the G.I.T.D. tour, I promised her that I'd do what's possible to get her as close as possible.

After waiting 5+ hours, and the doors open, utter disappointment sank in, when the club had actually allowed the 21+ cats to enter first! I'm 22, she's 20, and it wasn't like i was going to leave her the whole time to go over to 21 side, had we only knew they would be allowed to go first to the stage, i woulda been there. Some of the people who were in front remembered us from outside and allowed us to go behind we were like 2nd row, pretty dope still, but not front, and that would have it's consequences later that night.

All the girls jumping around, 'bows being thrown left and right, ppl just pushing and shoving, took a toll on my wife, and she had eventually fainted during "spazz" and had to be escorted out by security. Of course I hopped over the barricade and followed her out the show, literally forgetting i was at the concert for a minute.

It was great to know she was ok, but she was the one i was sad for since she had actually missed her other favorite songs being performed, everyone nose, and she wants to move, since you guys didn't do "yeah you"

She was even MORE dissapointed when she saw that the elbowing girls that were next to us the whole night were on stage at the end of the show when we entered back in through the front....*sigh* what could we do?

Maybe another chance will come by where my wife will be able to meet you guys someday.

here re some pix from the show, thanks again you guys for throwing it down!

...yes common was tight too, but this is the n.e.r.d. forum lol

my myspace:

wife's myspace:


and if you're not logged into myspace.... here are a couple quickies


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