Monday, March 3, 2008


Had to take this from Kanye's Blog... it's just so cool; a nice take on the Daft Hands video. Our promo tour kicked off a few days ago, there's a show in Buffalo tomorrow and we can't wait for the rest of that and then the Glow In The Dark in mid-April. Get your tickets now!!! Shows are already sold out in Chicago and LA.

Also, tomorrow are the primary elections for the presidential nominees in Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio and Vermont; if you're registered to vote-- VOTE! If you're not registered yet and are able to vote, hit up your local DMV or online to get a form you can mail-in. Some states like California also have online registration forms. Just search to see if your state has them.


Oliver Akuin said...

that's so cool!

Cxd005 said...

You should post your LIVE shows! Ya'll did your thing in Providence, RI lastnight(3.3.08) Great Show and the new music sounds sick! Peep the video I took during the show... You should have Chad post that video he took! Peace.. Below is the link to the video. Thx

Go and check the video's.. for more your N.E.R.D & Nas Live

*sade said...

absolutely genius.

Anonymous said...

daft punk is hella cool, you should check out interstella, it's an anime they did to their entire album! i put one of the vids on my blog, too lazy to go to youtube and hunt it down.